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Request to be classified as a professional client
(only applicable to clients already classified as appropriate)

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Transaction Overview

You will need to confirm that you regularly place leveraged trades of significant volume
Your answers will be verified.

This option does not satisfy the minimum requirement for upgrading to Professional

Overview of your financial instrument portfolio

You will need to confirm that your portfolio of financial instruments, where portfolio is defined as cash deposits plus financial instruments, exceeds €500,000
Your answers will be verified.

This option does not satisfy the minimum requirement for upgrading to Professional


Includes shares, derivatives (only cash deposits made to fund/profits realized from investing in derivatives), debt instruments and cash deposits

DOES NOT include property portfolios, direct commodity ownership or notional values of leveraged instruments.

Overview of your financial experience

You have confirmed that you currently work (or have worked in the past) in the financial sector (for example, insurance services, banking, investment services) for at least 12 months in a professional capacity, a capacity which required knowledge of the transactions and/or services in question.
Your answers will be verified.

Under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, upon your request we may treat you as an elective professional client, if, after our assessment of your expertise, experience, and knowledge, we are reasonably assured that, in light of the nature of the transactions or services envisaged, you are capable of making your own investment decisions and understanding the risks involved and be in a position to support these risks. To make our assessment, we will rely on information you have already submitted to us. We may be required to request further information and may contact you to discuss your investment experience. This is a qualitative assessment in addition to which you will be required to satisfy at least two of the following three quantitative requirements.

Quantitative test

You have confirmed the following:

Protections you may lose

Communications and Financial Promotions

Certain CySEC (or equivalent) guidelines related to information provided by Plusmarkets will not apply, including but not limited to guidelines relating to communications and promotions.

Investor Compensation Fund

The Investor's Compensation Fund does not cover Professional Clients.

Leverage restrictions

Under the Cyprus National Product Intervention Measures for CFDs, Plusmarkets will be required to limit leverage to between 1:30 and 1:2 on our trading products. Higher leverage may magnify losses.

Negative balance protection

Negative Balance Protection will not apply to professional clients.

Risk warnings

Plusmarkets will not be obliged provide you with the same risk warnings we provide to our retail clients in relation to any transactions effected in the complex financial services we provide.


If for example you wish to retain the higher level of regulatory protection, you may request to be classified as a retail client. However, you understand that in this instance, Plusmarkets may not be able to provide certain services to you.

Your money

Plusmarkets will hold and maintain an amount equal to your account value for each account you hold with us in a segregated bank account.

Client declaration

By clicking submit:

  • You confirm that you wish to be treated as a professional client of Plusmarkets and acknowledge that Plusmarkets will treat this as a written request.
  • You confirm you understand the protections you will lose.
  • You confirm that you will inform Plusmarkets as soon as reasonably possible of any change that may affect your categorization as a professional client.

For your own benefit and protection you should make sure to read this form carefully before accepting the risks. If you do not understand any point please ask us for further information.

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